Squirrel Extermination

Squirrels are part of the rodent family and can grow from 16 to 18 inches in length. Squirrels are funny animals and despite their cute looks, they become annoying pests when they grow into an entire army and inhabit your property for a long period. They adapt to people easily and quickly find their way into attic and soffits in home and commercial buildings, they damage homes by finding small holes they can chew their way through it to gain access.

If your home has been infested by the presence of squirrels? Below are the extermination tips including both lethal methods and some humane alternatives to killing them.


Body trap, which is also known as, Conibear trap, is a lethal style of trap designed to kill any animal it traps, quickly. This trap can be set via two methods. The opened one with bait placed inside it and trapping the animal through its body once it reaches for the food. Or the one placed over a path, so that whenever the animal crosses through it, it snaps shut and kill it. However, this style might be dangerous but make sure to check the manufacturers instructions and be cautious when setting and assembling the trap. Dot set the trap where a child or pet could be trapped.


This is also another effective option to exterminate squirrels; this can be done by getting pressure plate traps.  The pressure plate traps is designed to zap the squirrel whenever it steps on the plate to eat the food bait on it. However, this method requires you to change the batteries and clean the plate after every 8 to 10 uses.


Naturally, squirrels cannot withstand cold environments, that is the reason they normally stay in their nest areas to share warmth with one another. Using this method requires to trap the squirrels first in a humane cage trap, then place it in a cold area and leave it alone for several hours, since it cant withstand being alone in the cage, it will definitely die within some hours. 


This is also an effective way to kill a squirrel; this is done by trapping the squirrel first in a humane cage. Then place the cage inside a tank, lake or pull but make sure the cage doors are well closed and the water covers the entire cage, this will drown the squirrel within 2 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, if you are using a tank or lake, make sure you tie a rope on the cage for easy retrieval.


This is a humane method of killing squirrels, though it requires special capturing skills. Put on your gloves and hold a blanket in front of you; slowly approach the squirrel when you see it, then quickly drop the blanket over it and roll it up. You can decide to roll the blanket tight or 

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